Impacting High Schools

Impacting High School Student LeadersThe building of quality leaders starts long before people get to college and into corporate America. Dr. Mitch Nickols offers his turbocharged inspirational messages to our younger generation – and those responsible for developing these young minds. It is important to build up our future leaders by creating an environment that teaches and encourages diversity, inclusion and servant leadership.

Services to Administrators, Directors, Staff

Available to do staff development in a number of areas including leadership development, team building, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, managing change, administrative coaching, creating positive school climate, media relations, etc.

Service to Students

Motivating positive student climate, motivational speeches, academic intervention, at-risk programs, career-focused development, college readiness, etc.

Service to Parents

School readiness tips, preventing school failure through intervention, after graduation tips, etc.

We are excited to hear from you! To begin the process of bringing Dr. Mitch Nickols to your high school, either call 412-944-2643 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.


Testimonials About Dr. Nickols Work with Students

Alexis S., from a youth leadership organization

Dr. Nickols is an amazing speaker…very engaging, extremely knowledgeable and quite relatable. He delivered a very motivating talk on leadership that managed to inspire and empower teens as well as their parents. The audience walked away feeling inspired and enriched. Our organization, which focuses on youth leadership development, looks forward to having Dr. Nickols as the keynote speaker at future events ...
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Catherine M. Russo, School Administrator

Dr. Nickols was referred to me by a colleague to lead a professional development session on perceptions and diversity. I was so impressed with his passion and engaging manner, that I asked him to become a key player on our School Culture Committee focusing on drop-out prevention. He reiterated the positive messages of goal setting, responsibility, hard work, and perseverance. He also met with struggling students each grading period to develop action plans and interventions to keep them on track for graduation. His commitment to the students and families of our school was evident in each conversation and interaction. Dr. Nickols also gave Keynote addresses for academic awards ceremonies and our Baccalaureate service. He used these additional opportunities to influence young people to make positive choices. I am truly indebted to him for being my personal administrative coach. Working with him has enabled me to articulate the vision for our school to all stakeholders. He has been instrumental in building a culture of hope, encouragement and support in our building. He is knowledgeable, approachable, passionate about education and extremely dedicated. You will be hard pressed to find another person who has as much experience and talent as he does ...
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Chuck Cooper III, President and CEO, Chuck Cooper Foundation

Dr. Nickols’ extensive experience and passion for helping students reach their potential was obvious from the start. His qualifications, expertise, and dedication to young people made him an outstanding choice to move the Chuck Cooper Leadership Development Program forward. Our students found him to be a highly dynamic, enthusiastic, and inspiring speaker. Dr. Nickols would be a tremendous asset to any organization, corporate or otherwise, that seeks to grow the leadership capacity of their people ...
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